Showers of Stress


Do you ever have those verses that, in certain seasons of life, literally wash over your spirit and minister to your heart? James 5:7-8 are verses that have jumped off the pages of Scripture for me. There is so much truth in these two verses. As I reflected on these living words and on the life God has entrusted to me, one particular phrase penetrated my heart.  These verses say, “Meanwhile, friends, wait patiently for the Master’s arrival. You see farmers do this all the time, waiting for their valuable crops to mature, patiently letting the rain do its slow but sure work. Be patient like that. Stay steady and strong. The Master could arrive at any time.”

The phrase “patiently letting the rain do its slow but sure work” seemed to leap out at me.  Often times, we can see the storms in life as things that God uses to push us to His loving arms (if we “patiently let them”), and certainly they do, however, the word used here in this verse is “rain”.  I thought of the song by Mercy Me, Jesus Bring the Rain, and began to contemplate the term rain.  Rain comes with aggressive storms, for sure, however, it also comes with simple showers.  Showers can be aggravating (especially if you are parked outside and have to go somewhere with a decent hairdo ~ha!) or they can be refreshing on a hot summer day.  I thought of the song, Showers of Blessings, and how blessed I truly am.  I have received showers of blessings, but I have also experienced the showers that are more aggravating .  Oh, not “storms”, like most of us would think of.  I haven’t lost a child, gone through a divorce, or hit a financial crisis.  I have, however, felt the “showers” that come from people hurting you deeply or taking advantage of you, unexpected hurdles that cost time and money, parenting challenges, and life decisions that just weigh heavy on your heart and mind.  These are what I call “showers of stress”, if you will.  None of these things are “storms” and sometimes they aren’t even “big problems” in the big picture of life, but they are often annoying and energy zapping things that Satan can use to suck the life out of us.  These verses reminded me that God desires to use even these “smaller showers” in our lives to remind us of just how dependent we are on Him and to grow us into all that He desires us to be.

We truly need Him for everything!  We cannot let the showers of stress “soak” us and weigh us down.  We have to “patiently let the rain (whether a storm or a shower) do its slow and SURE work”, by staying covered in the Word each day.  I want to allow even the “showers of stress” that sometimes fall around us (honestly, they daily fall most of the time), to do their work in my heart and life.  I don’t want to allow them to deter me from the pursuit I am on for Greatness!

Just like the earlier verse in James 1:21, which reads, “In simple humility, let our gardener, God, landscape you with the Word, making a salvation-garden of your life.”  I am far more blessed than I deserve, and I deeply desire for God to cultivate a garden in my life that will bring glory to Him and enrich the lives of others!

Thank the Lord today for being the patient Gardener of our hearts and for tending to every detail of our lives, in order to make us a beautiful display of His Glory.  May we see the showers of stress as reminders of how completely dependent we are on Him, and may we be patient, allowing them to do the work He desires them to do in our lives.  As we’re pursuing Greatness, let’s thank Him for the showers of blessings, that He always intermingles with the stress, in order to remind us of His sweet presence!  Finally, whether you’re in a storm or you find yourself walking through one shower after another, be encouraged, because the Son could arrive at any time!

Flag Football of Life

Have you ever been to a little kid’s flag football game?  If you have, then you’ve probably noticed the moms on the sidelines?  I’m referring to a particular mom, the one with her face painted in support of her son’s team, losing her mind as she cheers for her son.  Whether he’s playing like a pro or making fumbles and loosing flags, she is shouting encouragement at the top of her lungs for her “baby”.  Well, minus the face painting, that crazy hollering Mom is me.  One of my favorite responsibilities as a mother is being a cheerleader, if you will, for each of my children.  I can remember when my son started playing flag football.  On Saturdays during the season, we would load up the family, the cooler, and the chairs to go and cheer our hearts out for the little Rams.  Win or loose, I was there cheering! It wasn’t about winning, it was about what the boys were learning, it was about time together and the memories we made that will be cherished forever.

I’ve never, personally, been to a game and heard a mom scolding or tearing down her son when he lost a flag or fumbled the ball.  This is probably a good thing, because I would lose my mind over that!  It isn’t the norm to hear a parent yelling sarcastically at their child things like, “What are you thinking” or “Good job, you loser!”  On the contrary, moms are usually throwing encouragement onto the field the entire game with comments like, “Great try”, “You can do it” or “You’ll get the next one, buddy”.  As moms, we should want to build up our kids, reminding them of who they are and what they can be or accomplish, but why is it often different when we grow up or interact with others?

Life can sometimes be like a flag football game.  We can often be running down the field of life, in the middle of a great play, only to have Satan snatch our flag.  It could be many different flags, like that of joy, peace, or purpose.  We can feel discouraged and defeated and have the tendency to throw in the towel.  We’ve all had those times, and the most encouraging thing we can hear from the sidelines is the cheers from other believers.  Just that little verbal nudge to get up and try again can be all that’s needed to keep us from giving up.  Just being reminded that someone believes in us and sees who we were created to by and not just where we messed up or “dropped the ball”.

The same is true as we watch others on their “playing field”. There are always people around us who have lost a flag, and it isn’t our job, as a fellow follower of Christ, to say things like, “What were you thinking” or “I cannot believe you just did that”.  We are called to “encourage one another and build each other up”.  (1 Thess. 5:11)  We need to be the cheerleaders in the lives of those around us, instilling hope, courage, and inspiration.

Acts 20:1b says, “Traveling through the country, passing from one gathering to another, Paul gave constant encouragement, lifting their spirits and charging them with fresh hope”.  This is the kind of “teammate” and leader I desire to be.  As I am traveling through this journey of life, I want to give constant encouragement to others, lifting their spirits and charging them with fresh hope.  No matter what they do or how hard they fall, I want to be a person that takes the time to lift them up and invigorate them to “get back in the game”!

I am confident, if you’re pursuing greatness, that you have this same desire.  Let’s be intentional this week as we are in this, sometimes hard, game of life, to uplift those that are down and encourage those that have had a flag snatched by the enemy.  Let’s run down the field of life together, remembering we are on the same team and the score is already been determined.  OH, and just for the record, we win!

May the Lord help us to be people who build others up, instill fresh hope in those that are down, and cheer for those who are running with us, for His glory! May our voices of encouragement and inspiration be louder than the jeers that are coming from those trying to discourage and tear down. In our pursuit of greatness, may we cheer on those in pursuit alongside us!

Stewarding Your Health

A steward is one who serves, takes care of, protect, or one who is responsible for something. We often use this word when referring to money, time, or even talents. All of these things are totally vital for our pursuit of greatness, but it’s not the focus on my post today. The area of stewardship that I want to delve into today, is one that impacts every area of our lives.

The late, Dr. Adrian Rogers, said, “There’s a very physical side to being spiritual.” In the thousands of conversations I’ve had with people all over the country, this statement has proven true. So many people have deep needs, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Certainly, I am under the deep conviction that Jesus is the only answer for the void in the human heart. I also believe, however, that He has placed another need in our lives, that only His provided answer will suffice. This one thing affects how we think, how we feel, and how productive the rest of our lives will be. I’ve even had Christian counselors and psychologists tell me that more than 80% of their patients could see complete healing or significant life change, simply by implementing this simple answer. It’s so elementary in principle, but it’s enormous in power, yet it’s one of the biggest deficits we have in our society.  Are you guessing what this is yet?

Nutrition is a deficit that is reeking havoc in our country, bringing degenerative diseases, such as heart attacks, stroke, cancer, and diabetes to an all time high. It’s alarming, really, when you look around at the rise in these destructive diseases, and even how significantly it’s impacting our children. Dr. David Katz says, “This may be the first generation of children to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.” WOW!

You might be saying to yourself, that’s from our environment and the increased toxins we’re exposed to, and undoubtedly that has an impact on all of us. The reality, however, is that nutrition is our biggest defense against ALL diseases, and we aren’t getting enough, not by a  long shot. It’s not only the fuel we were meant to thrive on, but it’s the weapon give to us, by our Creator, to protect and repair us, from the inside out. Who knew our grandparents and great grandparents were right, when they said, “Eat more fruits and vegetables!”

So today, as we’re talking about pursuing greatness, I am focusing on your health, the one thing that can make or break much of your journey! Think about it…if you don’t feel well and you have no energy, how will you have the stamina to pursue what matters most or inspire others to join you?  Today’s simple challenge is to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet this week. I’m not saying overhaul your whole pantry. Just implement an extra serving each day to start with. As a health coach, I desire to meet people where they are and inspire and empower them go where they want to go. I would venture to say, all of you reading this blog desire health. I mean, health is just more fun, right? Here is a simple thing you can do each day that will have an impact on your health, as well as, your pursuit of greatness!

Finally, I would be amiss to not tell you everything on this blog that fuels my own journey. If you’re like me in this particular area of your health (and 99.9% of our population (including vegetarians), no matter how hard you try, you still fall short in getting the recommended 9-13 daily servings (the size of your fist) of a variety of whole foods everyday. That’s just a lot of food to consume and the variety, well, that’s just impossible. My family has found a convenient and affordable answer that bridges the gap, between what we do eat and what we should be eating everyday. It’s a lifesaver, literally, and it gives me such peace of mind, knowing that no matter where we are, or what we’ve had on our plate on any given day, our bodies are being flooded with more than 30 fruits, vegetables, and berries, through our Juice Plus capsules and gummies. And, we get it with no stress or fuss! It’s the simplest, most affordable way to get an increased variety of nutrition each day. It’s not isolated vitamins; it’s whole food nutrition. Oh, and did I mention, KIDS ARE FREE (age 4 years to a full time undergraduate student)! Yep, one of my favorite parts! Doesn’t get much better than investing and pursuing greatness in my own health and my kids benefiting absolutely free, for up to four years. That’s a long time for my kids to get “free food” every single day! Check it out, and feel free to email me,, if you have any questions or if you have children you’d like to benefit FREE. This is one area in your pursuit of greatness that will affect your journey today and in the years to come! Make it a priority and start the month of March off strong in this area! You know your kids are worth it, but let me say, so are you!!!

A God Shaped Life

God shaped life photo

I can remember having some trees taken down in our yard years ago and seeing the four remaining stumps still grounded in our lawn.  They were not only eyesores, but they were in the way and served absolutely no purpose at all.  We had someone come and grind them up, so we could plant grass or flowers in their place. It was amazing the difference it made when these stumps were gone and replaced with the beauty of flowers.

The Bible says, “A life devoted to things is a dead life, a stump; a God-shaped life is a flourishing tree.” (Proverbs 11:28)  As I read this verse, I couldn’t help but remember these stumps in my yard. It brings this analogy from the Word of God to life for me. I can visualize what God is saying in this verse. A life devoted to things is like a stump.  It is an eyesore to the grace and glory of God.  It is “in the way” of what He desires to do in our lives, and it serves no purpose at all.  A stump cannot have growth or bear fruit, because it is dead and this verse conveys the reality that the same is true of a life devoted to things.

On the other hand, the Bible says that a “God-shaped life is a flourishing tree”.  I am sure you don’t have to look far to find a flourishing tree.  The flourishing tree is not only beautiful and more colorful, but it also bears fruit, flowers, or foliage.  It serves many purposes such as, helping the environment, adding beauty, it can offer shade from the heat, or it can give fruit for nourishment.

I don’t know of anyone reading this post that would desire to have a life that is compared to a stump.  All of us want to flourish and have a life of purpose.  The amazing thing about God is that when we flourish in our relationship with Him, we in turn, flourish in every other area of our life, as well, because HE cannot be contained in just one area.  When we choose to be consumed with Him, we find that He, in turn, consumes us.  Our lives become beautiful, exciting, and, just as this verse says, “flourishing”. As a result of this flourishing, we are able to help others, add a sense of beauty, offer refreshment and nourishment to the lives of others. What a difference this is from a life compared to a stump!

What about you?  As you take a moment to reflect on your life, which do you see?  What are you devoted to and, as a result of that, what are you becoming? Are you a stump, bearing no fruit and having no real purpose?  I hope you are much more like the flourishing tree, living a life with eternal purpose, and bearing much fruit for others to enjoy.  There is a distinct difference, and if you follow the trail of what you are most committed to, you will find whether you most resemble a stump or a flourishing tree. Are you pursuing Him and living for others, or are you devoted to the trivial, insignificant things of this world? This is a great personal inventory question we should all ask ourselves regularly, because it is so easy to loose sight of what matters most, and this misaligned devotion can cause us to begin to shrivel up in our spirits.

May we not be distracted today by all that the world has to offer, but dig deep into the rich soil of God’s Word, spend our energies on giving ourselves away, and invest in that which will last forever.  As a result, we will be like a flourishing tree, giving shade to the weary, bringing refreshment to those around us, and bearing much fruit for God’s glory!

We’re Being Pursued

As we’re chasing greatness, what is one of the driving forces of this pursuit? What keeps me seeking, yearning for more, pressing harder toward God’s greatness, and reaching deeper for the greatness He has called me to walk in? There is confidence that our search will not turn up empty. Isaiah 45:19 assures us that God does not call us to fruitless service, nor does He tell us to seek Him for nothing. We have assurance that there is a treasure that can, and will, be found, if we are faithful in our pursuit. There is something more, though. There’s something that makes the pursuit even sweeter.

James 4:8 is one of the sweetest verses in the Bible to me. It says, “Come close to God and He will come close to you…” Let that sink in for a minute! My husband likes to put it this way, “When we take a step toward God, He takes a quantum leap toward us!” The Bible also says that He came to “seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10). That’s us! He came, seeking us, with the intention and foreordained plan to save us. This means His whole purpose in coming was to pursue us, to redeem us, and restore us into right fellowship with Himself. Again, just marinate in that! The God of the universe is pursuing YOU!

You  might find it entertaining or warming to watch a movie, depicting the man pursuing the woman he loves, never giving up on the desire he has for her. You may even be in a marriage where you’re blessed by someone who pursues you with deep love and passion. Maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum, however, and you’ve never experienced this or you’ve experienced the total opposite and been deeply hurt by those who were suppose to love and cherish you. No matter where you are today, I want to encourage you with this reality that comforts my heart and fuels my pursuit. God is pursuing you, not because He has to, but because He desires intimate fellowship with you. God loves you!

You might be pushing back on this, because of the pain others have caused you. Maybe you’re wanting more proof, because life seems to have been too hard for you to conclude that God loves you. Romans 5:8 says, “God shows and clearly proves His own love for us by the fact that, while we were still sinners (living our own way, with no regard for Him), Christ died for us.” His love for you is undeniable! I pray that today you will be filled with joy, knowing that, whether you’re pursuing Him or not, He is pursuing you, with a ferocious love, and if you take steps toward Him, He will take quantum leaps toward you! This pursuit is worth it, and it should compel us to know that the treasure we are ultimately seeking in Christ, is pursuing us, as well.

Responding Out Of Whose We Are

“…you’ll realize that I am God when I respond to you out of who I am, not by what I feel about the evil lives you’ve lived…
Ezekiel 20:44

This verse in Ezekiel stirred deep gratitude in my spirit.  Were it not for God responding out of who He is, we would all be wiped out.  I am grateful that He doesn’t respond to me based on how He feels about my sin.  You see, no matter how “big or little” of a sin we might think it is, He hates it all. Aren’t you glad that He responds to us out of who He is and not by how He feels about our sin?

Along with this deep gratitude, also came an incredible challenge.  This verse raised a question in my own life that demanded an answer.  The question is, as a child of God, do I respond out of the reality of Whose I am, or do I react based on how I feel.  For a woman, who can have a wide range of emotions and feelings in any given day, this can be tough.  I had to ask myself, do I respond out of frustration, stress, anger, or even fatigue? I must die to myself in order for Christ to live and respond through me.  This is the only way that I can respond out of who, or should I say whose, I am.

You may be asking, why is it such a big deal.  I mean I am grateful that God doesn’t respond to me based on how He feels, but why is it so important if I do that?  I am glad you asked.  This phrase in Ezekiel is actually stated several times throughout chapter twenty.  The first few times, it says His response was such “so that He might be honored”.  Then, verse forty-four says, “you’ll realize that I am God” by my response.  It is significant, because it reveals to us who He is.  Through our obedience of responding like Him in all things, we are able to see His greatness in our own lives, bring honor to Him, and reveal to those around us that He is God.

I sure want people to be able to peer into my life on any given day and see that He is God and He is worthy of honor!  I am growing in this area, especially where it matters most, in my home. Haven’t you been there, where you’re exhausted or spinning one too many plates of responsibilities, and find yourself responding harshly to the ones you love most? I know I sure have! I pray we will be vigilant in our choices, moment by moment, and pursue greatness by responding out of who He is in us and not how we may be feeling.

Play Your Part


Do you ever find yourself teaching your children a valuable life lesson, usually through a childlike story, and it’s as if God says, “That’s for you, too!” I seem to have these moments often, when I am the teacher or coach to my children, and I simultaneously find myself as the student, hearing the voice of The Great Teacher. This post is about one of those very lessons.

As a parent, I try to speak to my children based on what I know is true about them, what God says about them, and not on how they are acting. In other words, if one of my children is lying, I’m not going to say, “You are a liar!” If one is acting like a complete brat (yes, it happens at our house, too), I am not going to say, “You are such a brat, and you need to straighten up!” Instead, I do my best to remind them who they are, who they were created to be, knowing that how they are acting in a given moment doesn’t change who they are. Let me explain by sharing the story I often tell them.

There was a beautiful princess (or prince, depending on which child I’m talking to), who lived in a castle just outside the city. She was kind, gracious, and was a strong leader, who cared deeply for her people. One day, she decided she wanted to explore the city, as a common girl. She replaced her royal gown and tiara with jeans, a t-shirt, and a ball cap. As she strolled through the city, she ran into a group of other young girls. These girls were nothing like the princess. They were mean spirited, selfish, and simply out to do what they wanted, with no regard for others. In an attempt to simply blend in, the princess tried to emulate the behavior she saw in her new acquaintances, and in no time, she found herself being disrespectful to the people around her, unkind to those that got in her way, and instead of leading her people, she found herself joining them in behaviors and attitudes that she knew were wrong. These friends told her that this was the way to survive in the world, to find happiness, and to get what she wanted. For a time, the princess forgot who she was, what she really wanted, and what she was destined to do.

This is the part of the story where I stop and ask my kids if the princess’s behavior changed who she was. The answer, of course, is obvious. No matter how she looked or how she acted, she was still the princess and destined to lead her people to greatness. In these moments, she simply wasn’t playing her part or acting like who she was created to be. She was leaving the role God designed her to fill unfulfilled.

The young princess had a choice to make. The same choice we each have every minute of everyday. Are we going to play the part God has given us? Will we act like who our Creator says we really are, or will we allow the Enemy, our flesh, and our circumstances to determine our behavior. What’s true about us is what God says about us and nothing can change that. We are HIS workmanship (work of art), created in His image, and He has great works that He has already ordained for us to walk in (Ephesians 2:10). The question isn’t who we are, it’s will we play the part, stepping into the role He has called us to.

No matter where you are, the question is the same. Even when the princess was in the city, living contrary to who she was, she was still the royal princess. All she had to do, in order to find what she was looking for, was step back into the role she was designed to play. She had to act like who she really was. It’s the same for you and me…and for our children.

God has called each of us to greatness. He calls us His treasures, and we are to radiate Him. Because of Him, we are loving, kind, faithful, honest, loyal, strong, pure, gentle, self-controlled, and much more. We are filled with purpose. Whether we feel that or not, whether we are surrounded by an environment that reflects that for us or not, the reality is the same, and we have a choice. Will we act like who we are or will we choose to live contrary to who we are created to be, making choices that actually sabotage our real identity?

In the moments when we all find ourselves acting out of character, let’s quickly step back into the role we were created for and play our part. There are no understudies to your life’s role, so make the choice and be intentional to play your part today!

God’s Love Language

As I was pondering the simple ways I could shower love on Tony, my one and only Valentine, and even our children, I thought about our precious Lord Jesus, the One who is Love. Many of you have probably read the book entitled, The Five Love Languages, by Dr. Gary Chapman.  If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to check it out. It is a very insightful book and helpful in building relationships.  Dr. Chapman lists several ways in which we communicate love to those closest to us.  There is physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, gifts, and quality time.  Each play a significant role in every relationship, but he shares how we all have one or two particular languages that speak love the loudest to us.
I often use this to evaluate how I am expressing love to those around me in order to ensure that I am communicating love to them in the most effective way possible.  We all desire for our relationships to be rich and refreshing, and we know that in order for this to happen it takes diligence and dedication.  It isn’t something that just naturally happens, but rather it requires that we be intentional in cultivating these kind of relationships.
Deuteronomy 6:5  says,“You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, 
with all your soul, and with all your strength.” As I was pondering Valentine’s Day, I considered my relationship with God.  Not just where I stand with Him, but how I love Him, and more specifically, how I communicate that love to Him.  I cannot help but think that even Jesus has a favorite love language.  Don’t get me wrong, similar to my own marriage, every love language is valuable, however, the reality is that we each have a particular love language that, when expressed, it shouts loud and clear, “I love you!”  I believe we express love for God when we serve Him, when we sing praises to Him, and when we give our gifts and offerings to Him, but I cannot help but think that His primary love language is quality time, savoring the gift of His presence.
Think about the story with me of Mary and Martha. You remember the account in Luke chapter 10, when Jesus is being hosted in their home.  Martha is serving Him, preparing a luscious meal for her Lord.  Mary, on the other hand, is simply sitting at His feet, giving Him her undivided attention.  Jesus didn’t reprimand Martha for serving.  He knew she loved Him and was attempting to express that love through her service, but what He did do was clearly express that which He felt was best.  I am sure he enjoyed lunch that day, and I can’t help but think that he expressed gratitude later for the meal Martha prepared for Him.  However, what brought Him the most joy and expressed love to His heart the most?  What did He say was most valuable?  Take the time to check it out for yourself.  You will find it was the quality time and attention that Mary offered Him, sitting at His feet.
In this culture, it’s something we all have to fight for, this most valuable gift of time with Him.  We must practice His sweet presence throughout our busy days, choosing to stay focused on Him and acknowledging Him in the details of our life. We can all get stuck in the whirlwind of acts of service, that are fueled by a deep desire to express love to our Savior, and all the while He is quietly whispering to our spirits, “I just want some time with you”?  Are we offering Him our talents and our treasures materially, but withholding the time and attention He so passionately desires from us?
He is God, and He knows our hearts, but as we express our love to the special people in our lives today, for Valentine’s Day, let’s make it a point to consider the One who is Love. Let’s take the time, make the necessary adjustments in our schedule, and guard that time with Him, not just in the morning, but all throughout our day.  Give Him that which He most enjoys, sweet, intimate fellowship.  Speak His love language, if you will.  Sit at His feet, hear His heart through His Word, acknowledge His presence even more throughout the day, and then, out of an overflow of that precious intimacy, we will find ourselves speaking the other love languages clearly, and our lives will exclaim to the world around us, “I love the Lord”!

Hot Pursuit

To pursue is to chase after something. According to Webster’s dictionary, it is an activity that one engages in. It’s trying to catch something or someone for usually a long distance or time. What comes to your mind when you hear the word pursuit? I picture my dog chasing a cat, or the cat tracking a chipmunk. In those moments, both of the animals in pursuit act as if there is nothing else going on around them. My dog can be sleeping soundly or totally engrossed in something indoors, but at the mere mention of the word “Simba”, she immediately starts barking and running toward the closest window or door, and nothing will deter her, until she is confident that she has either caught the cat (which has never been done) or she feels like she has victoriously chased it away.  In both of these scenarios, the pursuer catches a scent or a glimpse of their “treasure” (or prey), and they go hard after it.

As I was chewing on this word, pursuit, it stirred my heart to evaluate my own life, not just the things I am pursuing, but the intensity of my pursuit. One thing I know about all of us is that we can get quite comfortable in every area of our life and, although we may be on the right path, we can become lethargic in our pursuit of what we really want. Our pursuits and the vigor in which we are following after them is an issue worthy of keen consideration.

If you’re visiting this blog, it’s my hopes that, although we may be pursuing a few different things, we share one major underlying passion. This passion trumps all else and has a vast impact on everything else we chase after. It’s the pursuit of greatness. Not the  greatness that is simply associated with financial gain or notoriety, but more with Who we are pursuing and, as a result, who we are becoming.

I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good and blessed are those that trust in Him. (Psalm 34:8) I’ve gotten enough glimpses to know the pursuit is worth it, so I am willing to seek the Lord Jesus and His presence diligently, passionately exploring and learning more of His greatness and the impact that has on who I am. I want to be intentional about stepping up and into the person He has created me to be, walking in the greatness He has called me to. This one pursuit affects everything else I am chasing after, in my home, my relationships, my job, and even in my health.

It is my desire to invite, inspire, and empower others in this dynamic pursuit. This blog will serve as an overflow of the treasures I am finding, the hurdles I am facing and overcoming, and the lessons I am learning in my journey. I pray that you will come alongside me in this pursuit, not just as a follower of my blog, but as one who wants to desire to join me in the pursuit. If you stumbled onto this site and aren’t quite sure about what you’re reading, I pray you will continue to follow and that God will use this to give you that glimpse into all that He has for you. No matter where you are in the journey today, I pray that we will encourage, empower, and glean from each other in this vital and exciting pursuit of all the greatness He has called us to.

Chasing Greatness,
Isaiah 62:3