Signal Strength


“Look! Listen! God’s arm is not amputated – He can still save!  God’s ears are not stopped up – He can still hear!  There’s nothing wrong with God – the wrong is with you.  Your wrongheaded lives caused the split between you and God.  Your sins got between you, so that He doesn’t hear you.”
Isaiah 59:1-3

Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation on your cell phone and have the call disconnected?  If you have a cell phone, you have most definitely experienced this frustration.  Often times, if the call is important, and we know a dead spot is ahead, we will even pull off the road until we are finished talking just, so we aren’t interrupted.  For me, it is usually in the middle of a very important or really interesting phone call that the signal is lost.  Sometimes, I can look at my phone and see that it is the caller on the other end of my phone who lost signal, because my phone will clearly show full signal strength.  Other times, my phone will read “call signal lost”, undoubtedly showing me that my signal is to blame.  Either way, it is frustrating, but even more so when it is my phone signal that is the problem.  When the issue is my signal strength, I have to wait until I enter into an area that gives strong service before I can attempt to regain the call.  Other times, it may be that I have signal, however I have failed to charge my phone, and the battery is low, in which case, I must quickly plug it into its power source.
Sometimes in our walk with Christ, we may find ourselves frustrated and feeling disconnected to Him.  We may feel like our prayers aren’t getting any further than the ceiling or we simply have little strength.  This verse in Isaiah fifty nine clearly tells us where the problem lies.  If reception is low or communication is lost between us and God, it is always a connection problem on our end.  When the lines of communication are down spiritually, it is always an indication that we have wondered into an area with little or no signal strength, or not spent time with our “Power Source”, and it is up to us to quickly get to a place of full and clear reception, or plug into Christ to regain strength.  Since it is our sin that separates us from God, we much search every area of our lives to see where we are veering off track.  Sometimes, it may be something we are doing, but often times it can also be something we aren’t doing.  Sin is obviously doing that which God clearly tells us not to do, but disobedience is also not doing what He tells us to do.  There may be something He has clearly called us to do and we have refused to surrender our will to His.

God doesn’t change.  He can still save, and He can still hear.  His signal is always strong.  So, how is your communication today?  Are you in a strong signal area spiritually or are you entering a dead spot?  Perhaps your lines of communication were lost some time ago and you are just stewing in your frustration.  Maybe it has been too long since you have spent time with Christ and charged your relationship spiritually.  Wherever you are, the good news is that you don’t have to change your service provider; you just have to change your location or position, or reconnect with your power source.  The service provider, Jesus, is reliable.  Align your heart and life with Christ today, surrender to His will, and reap the incredible reward of intimate communication with Him!  The Creator of the Universe is on the line, and I am sure that is one call none of us want interrupted!

I am grateful that the Lord is still mighty to save and He can still hear.  It’s great to know that, when we have ourselves aligned to His will, the lines of communication with Him are open.  I am so thankful that when we get off track and the communication with Him is broken, He has made a way for us to regain strength, if we will confess our sins to Him.  May be obey Him, spend adequate time with Him, recharging daily, and consistently check our signal strength spiritually.

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