Love Will Win

Unless you’re living under a rock, you are very aware of the pure evil in the world around us. It’s heartbreaking and infuriating to hear of the depravity of man and what humans are capable of. It’s also overwhelming to scan the landscape of the world around us, even in most of our personal circles of friends and loved ones, and see the pain caused by poor choices, sin, accidents, disease, and death. No matter how old you are, you’ve probably been affected by hate, loss, grief, or pain. It’s just a part of the world in which we live.

I’ve heard people ask, “Why would a loving God do such things?” For a world that has a warped view of God, I can understand the question. The reality is, however, that man himself chooses evil. As a result of sin entering the world, through the choices of Adam and Eve, we have hate, loss, grief, and pain. This was not in God’s original landscape, in the Garden of Eden. The Enemy slithered his way in, deceived Eve, and put a breech between God and His creation. We are simply living in the continual fall out of that.

Certainly my heart breaks, and my blood boils with a righteous anger at the evil around us and even the sin in my own life, but I rejoice, because I know the end of the story. Oh, I don’t know when my day with death will come or even how it will come, but I know that what I see around me, the evil, the pain, the loss, and even the death is not the end. The amazing God that created everything, including man’s free will, also created HOPE for the despair He knew our own choices would create. You see, He hasn’t left us to simply “deal with the fallout” on our own.

In His graciousness, He sent His only Son, Jesus, to take our rightful place under God’s wrath, so that we could be restored to fellowship with Him, the way He originally designed us to be. How amazing is that!!! THEN, as if that wasn’t enough, He has promised that we will live forever, so even the ultimate consequence of man’s sin, death, isn’t the end, for those that have a personal relationship with Christ.

Therefore, as you look around at the devastation that seems to surround us, be encouraged, take heart! It may seem like evil is reigning, but, we know the last chapter. God is on His throne and, no matter what happens, LOVE WILL WIN!!!!


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