Dino Shaped Lunches and Divine Shaped Lives

Dino Sanwiches

I admit I once lived by rumors of you; now I have it all firsthand – from my own eyes and ears!  I’m sorry – forgive me.  I’ll never do that again, I promise!  I’ll never again live on crusts of hearsay, crumbs of rumor!”
Job 42:5-6

When my kids were young, I would make them sandwiches, and I would cut away the crust, and make them into fun shapes.  I served it on a plate, and always wiped away the crumbs.  It never failed, when I did this, my little guy would come to me and say, “Thanks for the dino-shaped sandwich, Mom!”  This small extra step communicated love to my children. Although the crust and crumbs were still a part of the sandwich, I never served them that part. It was the shape, the part I carefully made with them in mind, that I served them and wanted them to enjoy.

As I read this phrase in Job 42, I couldn’t help but think of these fun shaped sandwiches.  I would never consider serving my kids a plate with just the crust and the crumbs from the counter, and yet how many of us have woke up to the reality that spiritually we have been living on the crust and crumbs.  We go to church, listen to great preaching, we hear testimonies of the greatness of God, and it feeds us.  It’s good, but have you ever considered that this is just the crust, that there’s more?  So much more!  Why do we often settle for the crusts and the crumbs spiritually?

Job came to the stark realization that he had been living on what He had heard.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, it was truth.  What he knew about God was true, but it wasn’t personal, firsthand experience.  He realized that He had been missing the intimacy, settling for the “crusts of hearsay and the crumbs of rumor”.

I’m sure that none of us want to be satisfied with the crusts and crumbs, but rather we want the real sweet center of intimacy with Christ.  I want to take the extra time to get to know him firsthand. The amazing thing is that He desires that, as well. He longs for us to “taste and see His goodness” firsthand.  I want to walk in obedience, so as to see His faithfulness, and I want to take the time (as Job said) to “listen, and let Him do the talking”, so I can learn from Him, intimately and firsthand!

Just as it takes more work for me to make the dino-shaped sandwiches for my kids, it takes more work to grow in our personal walk with Christ.  Just as my heart shaped sandwiches communicate love to my children, so me taking the time to get to know Christ intimately shows my love for Him. The reality that He, the Creator of the Universe, makes Himself available to us, and He, Himself, made it possible for us to intimately know Him, certainly shows His great love for us!

So, next time we carve the crust off that Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, may we ask ourselves this question, “Have I carved out the necessary time for Christ today, so that I don’t live off the crust, but on the sweet God shaped life that comes from a personal relationship with Christ?”  It’s only through this firsthand walk with Christ that He can shape our lives into something beautiful for His glory and for the advancement of His Kingdom.

I am grateful that God desires to fill us with the sweetest part of His goodness, intimate fellowship with Himself, and to shape our lives into something more wonderful than we could imagine all for His glory!

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