Spiritual Closet Cleaning

“Let’s take a good look at the way we’re living and reorder our lives under God”
Lamentations 3:40

I’ve already begun some summer projects and some of those consisted of purging, cleaning, and organizing the often overlooked places of our home. Both of the daunting places I’ve tackled so far felt overwheming when I first begun, but as I started pulling everything out in the open and determining what was truly something that was needed or helpful, I begun to see things come together. By the time I finished, it looked great, everything had a place, and unused items were trashed or given away. Have you ever cleaned out a cabinet or closet?  What do you usually do?  It always seems to start with a good look at what you are dealing with and is followed by a clean sweep of everything.  If you are like me, everything has to come out in order to organize things efficiently, and it is hard work and time consuming.  But, the benefits of organization are reaped in every area of our life.  For me, when my cabinets and closets are organized, it helps with many other areas of our daily home life.  Think about it.  When things are organized you have less stress and chaos, and more time because you aren’t searching high and low for things that don’t have a designated place.  It eliminates clutter and promotes peace.
As I reflected on this verse in Lamentations, I thought of the job of ordering our lives.  This verse says that we are to start by taking a good look at the way we’re living, as oppose to a quick glance.  We are to take the necessary time to really ponder our life.  Then, it doesn’t say that we are to just sweep some things to the side, push things to the back, or even shuffle things for a better “balance”.  It says we are to “reorder our lives under God”.  Did you catch that?  It isn’t that we are to reorder everything “around God”, but rather “under Him”.
In the same way that we would clean and organize a closet, we must take every area of our life and lay it out before God.  We must allow Him to eliminate that which needs to be purged from our list of priorities and add that which is His priority for our life.  Just as cleaning out areas of our home can be tedious, reordering our lives under God can also be hard.  We can often times break a “spiritual sweat” through this process as we relinquish control of everything and submit to His plan and structure for us.  It usually doesn’t look quite like we anticipated.  Often times, even the good things we are committed to can be the enemy of the best things that He has for us.
Just as I love the peace and tranquility that comes from an organized home, I love the peace that comes from a life that is ordered under God.  It reduces stress and chaos, eliminates clutter and the things that just keep me “busy”.  His plan for my life always includes more time, time to sit at His feet and enjoy intimate fellowship with Him.
So, I’m not sure what’s on your To Do List for today, but won’t you join me in some spiritual closet cleaning.  Let’s reorder our lives under God.  The rewards will be extraordinary and the dividends eternal!

Lord, help me to take the time to lay my life, and all I’m committed to, before You and allow You to reorder my life.  Enable me to be willing to release everything to your control and embrace Your priorities for my life.  Thank you that you desire to manage the affairs of my life and that you know just what is best for me, as well as, those around me.

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