Stewarding the Treasure of Relationships

We often hear about stewarding our finances, stewarding our resources and even our talents, but have you ever thought about the importance of stewarding your relationships? No matter what it is, value increases the more you invest in something.

I have learned that we have to be intentional and live on purpose, especially when it comes to relationships. I have seen many relationships dissolve, many marriages broken, and if we could trace the steps of both individuals, we will always find a moment in time when someone stopped making investment a priority, and instead began making withdrawals from the “relational account”. Somewhere along the way, the treasure of the relationship, wasn’t protected and nurtured.

Think about it! If you have anything valuable, financially or materially, you protect it, you monitor its growth or maintenance, and you probably invest alot into it, right? We do this with our financial investments, our homes, our cars, and even our bank accounts. Why do we not have the same diligence in our relationships? We tend to take people for granted, especially those we claim to love the most! I don’t know about you, but I want to be purposeful in my investments, when it comes to people, most significantly to the ones I love most! I don’t want my treasured relationships to get the leftovers and then, wake up one day to them starving. I am sure you don’t either, so what are some things we can do to intentionally pursue greatness in our relationships?

One thing I have started doing this year is putting my key relationships on my calendar. We all know that if it doesn’t get planned, it doesn’t get done. Therefore, I am very intentional to schedule time with the ones I love, the relationships I want to invest in. This may be as simple as a weekly date with my husband, a monthly date with each of my children for some one on one time, or even some scheduled time spent on the back porch, sipping our favorite shake and unplugged from distractions. No matter what it looks like (and it usually looks different each month/week and with each person), it is giving the most precious gift I can give to the ones that matter most, TIME! If we want anything to grow, we must give it our attention. This is no different in our relationships.

Another thing I try to implement is giving verbal bouquets. This is simply communicating the value of the relationship and the person. I do this through text, through spoken words, and even through thoughtful notes around the house or mailed to a friend. I’ve seen my children begin doing this, as well. It’s amazing what this does for the hearts of those we love, and for our hearts, as well. I see it as a way of “polishing the treasure” of those I love and the relationship we share. I don’t want to wait until it’s too late to tell people what they mean to me.

The creative investments we can make in our relationships are endless, but one thing is for sure, we must invest in anything we desire  to have ever increasing value, and relationships should be at the top of our stewardship list.

What are some ways you practically invest in the people and relationships that you treasure?

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