Climbing to Companionship

When Jesus saw his ministry drawing huge crowds, he climbed a hillside. Those who were apprenticed to him, the committed, climbed with him. Arriving at a quiet place, he sat down and taught his climbing companions. (Matthew 5:1

Do you ever wonder why the activity of God can draw a crowd, but the call from Him to be committed, draws only a few?  People are ready to get in on the blessings, the buzz that often surrounds His activity, but only a few follow Him on the uphill climb to companionship.
Companionship is defined as the state of being with someone.  This communicates more than simply a mental knowledge or even fond feeling toward.  One is not considered a companion if there is no consistent fellowship and time spent together.  It is during this time of intimate fellowship that companions share their heart with one another.
It takes work to follow Christ.  It is often times a steep hill and can feel like a hard and strenuous journey, but only those that make the climb with Him, are blessed with the quiet place where He sits with you, teaches you, and becomes your dearest companion.  God desires to share His heart with us, but it takes commitment and work on our part to follow Him to that quiet place that is conducive for Him to do so.
Are you taking the time each day to climb to that quiet spot?  Are you putting forth the effort and energy to get up early enough to sit with Him and hear what is on His heart?  Are you a part of the crowd that is watching from the lower plains of life?  If so, what is it that is keeping you from making the journey up the hillside to be with Him?  Is it the lack of discipline to make the time?  Or perhaps it is simply being unwilling to give up a little sleep and rise early enough to meet with Him before the rush of your day begins.
Whatever it takes, start today with that first uphill step towards that quiet place with Jesus.  Find renewed strength through His companionship and enjoy the new perspective and joy that comes from being up on the hillside with the Lord.

I pray we will exercise the disciplines necessary to make the climb today to meet with Him, drawing to the quiet place where He is waiting to share His heart with us.  May we have ears to hear and the will to climb as high as He leads us, in our pursuit of greatness, no matter what the journey requires of us.

One thought on “Climbing to Companionship

  1. Good timely message. I think about my time often and try to evaluate if I’m spending it wisely. God is working on me on not just giving Him some time each day but to give up other things that are not really important to grow deeper with Him. I’d rather be on the mountain with him than in the valley seeing an occasional miracle. Love you.


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