Pursuing Greatness Through Gratitude

Today is another random post of some of my favorite things. As I ponder the many things I am thankful for, today the following things seem to be on the surface of my heart.

  • My amazing husband! I am deeply grateful for a man, who not only loves me, but who leads me in my pursuit of greatness. He leads me by his wisdom, by his example, and even through his own growth. Even this morning, as I edited a paper he had written, I was overwhelmed with gratitude, as I gleaned from this amazing man God has chosen to lead and love me. If you’re reading this and don’t know my husband, I would encourage you to find him on social media and follow him, as he follows Christ. You’ll be refreshed, challenged, and encouraged! Facebook: Tony Nolan/Enjoying Jesus or Twitter: @tonynolanlive
  • My “job”! I love what I get to do! I am a mother to four incredible kids, the administrator in my husband’s ministry office, and I am a certified health coach. I get to serve the Lord, inspire and encourage others, all while sharpening the arrows (children) God has entrusted to me.
  • My community! I love the community I get to do life with. It’s one thing to enjoy what you do, but to be able to choose who you do it with is so special! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the incredible people who are on mission with me. Each one is such a gift, not just to the mission itself, but to me personally. They each inspire me on different levels, and they add such fun, creativity, and unique gifts to my life!

So, what are you most grateful for today? If there are people in your life you’re grateful for, make sure you tell them…before it’s too late! Life is short! Pursue greatness through gratitude today!

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