His Throne Is Still Intact

Have you ever had those moments when you just really felt like everything was going wrong, times when life just seems to be spinning out of control?  Perhaps it is a health issue with you or a family member.  Maybe it’s the loss of a job or just the stress of too many responsibilities.  Whether it’s from our own poor choices, decisions made by those around us, or just circumstances beyond our control, we’ve all had times when we just felt like the bottom was falling out from underneath us.

That is exactly where we find the children of Israel in Lamentations chapter five.  In this case, they were being disciplined by God, their loving Heavenly Father, for their sins.  They had chosen to “buy into the pagan system” of their day (boy, does that sound familiar) and God was grieved and angry.  The bottom had fallen out of their lives.  They were dealing with famine, war, violence, and complete despair.  The writer of Lamentations is drawing the desperate picture for us, and right in the middle of all the discouraging details, he penned these words in verse twenty.  “…and yet God, You’re still sovereign, Your throne intact and eternal.”  No matter how bad things were, he recognized Who was still in control.

This isn’t always easy, but this is an amazing truth that is often times our only hope.  No matter how difficult life may get, God is still sovereign and His throne is still intact and eternal.  We can trust Him with our health concerns.  We can rest in His sufficiency, knowing that no matter how hard the storm rages, His Anchor holds.  Corrie ten Boone said it so eloquently, when she said, “There is no pit too deep, that He is not deeper still”.  We are never so far that His arm cannot save us.  Our life is never so dark, that He cannot see exactly where we are.

When life seems to be spinning out of control, hang on, my friend, because God, the Creator and Sustainer of this universe, is still in complete control.  He is still on His throne, where He will remain for all eternity, and He is working all things (the good, the bad, and the ugly) together for our good and for His glory!

May our hearts choose to rejoice today, knowing that God is in total control.  His reign is eternal and there is nothing, or no one, that can overthrow Him.  May we remember, when life is hard, whether it’s due to our own sin or circumstances out of our control, that nothing surprises God and nothing is too big for Him.

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