Content To Linger

“We’re in no hurry, God. We’re content to linger in the path sign-posted with your decisions.  Who You are and what You’ve done are all we’ll ever want.”
Isaiah 26:8

Do you dream of the day you will become a parent, own a home, make more money, be debt free, or have the job you’ve worked so hard to attain?  All of us have dreams.  We all have things God is calling us to do, but what should our attitude be as we are on the journey toward our dreams?  It seems our society is always in a hurry.  We rush to work, we rush our kids to and from their activities, we rush to fix dinner, and we rush through our evening routines, to finally get into the bed, only to start over when the sun rises again.  Is this how our journey with Christ should be?  Yes, there are things He has already planned for us in the future.  Yes, it may be His plan for you to become a parent, to attain that amazing promotion in your job, or to own a home, but even if that is His perfect plan, should we be in a hurry to get to where He is calling us?  Should we be in a hurry to accomplish our goals and reach our dreams?  Is it simply all about the destination of the journey or the end result of the goals we set?

In Isaiah 26:8, this verse clearly gives us insight into what our attitude should be.  We aren’t to be in a hurry, but rather “content to linger in the path sign-posted with His decisions”.  In other words, we should not be in such a hurry to get to the blessing or the “final destination”, but, because of the intimacy that we have with Christ, we should be content to linger with Him in the journey, knowing it is the path sign-posted with His direction.  We should be content to follow His pace in the journey, simply because He is there.  He isn’t just in the destination. He is in the journey itself.

The writer then punctuates this verse by saying to the Lord, “Who You are and what You’ve done are all we’ll ever want”. WOW!  Is this our attitude?  Do we really believe if He does nothing else for us, that He is enough?  Can we really say that if we never reach the goal or obtain the dreams we have, that He is enough?  When we can, we will find ourselves content to linger with Him, just knowing that we are on the path that He has marked out for us and that is filled with His presence.

Where are you today?  Are you rushing to the next goal, spending all of your time dreaming of finally reaching your goals and aspiring to accomplish all God has put into your heart to do for His glory?  I believe that, while He wants us to be wise stewards in planning and preparing for the future and in following His perfect will for our lives, His plan is that we “not be in a hurry, but we find contentment in just lingering with Him on the path that He has marked out for us”.  Let’s enjoy Him today and, instead of rushing to the “next big thing”, let’s take the time to remember His promise and remain (or linger) in His presence.

May the Lord enable us today to not be so focus on where He is taking us in our lives or what He may be blessing us with in the future, that we forget the incredible blessing it is today to just linger with Him.   May we, not just say that He is enough, but live like it!

One thought on “Content To Linger

  1. Great post. It’s a good reminder. I’m enjoying my time with him and his blessings … Your daughter Thank you

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