Better Than I Asked For

I can look at my life on any given day and see the countless ways God blesses me, beyond what I deserve. I have an incredible husband, who loves me and leads me in a passionate pursuit of holiness. I have four stellar kids, treasured extended family, and priceless friends. Seriously, like many of you, this blog could not contain all that God has done for me! If you’re reading this and thinking, “God hasn’t done anything for me!” Let me remind you that HE is the One giving you things like the oxygen you just inhaled, that heartbeat you just had, and the eyes you are reading this post with. He holds this world suspended in nothingness, by the word of His power, and He does so at just the precise place and just the right angle, so that we have our four seasons, and the vital temperatures needed for sustained life. We desperately need Him, whether we recognize that reality of not, and He is far better to us than we deserve.

This isn’t usually something that’s hard to acknowledge for me, although there are times, when my eyes can become blinded by my own inconveniences, frustrations, disappointments, or even grief, and I can forget just how good He is. There are other times, however, where I see His goodness in a different way, in a way that makes Ephesians 3:20  come alive. This verse says, “Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Let me give you a recent example from my own life of what I mean.

I have prayed for quite some time that God would bring my youngest sister closer to family, making it easier for all of us to connect and be a part of her family’s life on a more regular basis. Having a family of six myself makes getting to NYC difficult and very expensive. I knew God could answer this request, but boy, did I underestimate what He would do!

When my brother-in-law applied for a job several months ago, right here in our city, I was overwhelmed with excitement. As I began praying in amazement that it was even a possibility, it was as if God was whispering in my spirit, “Would this be close enough?” I chuckled in my spirit, began to dream a little bigger, and continued to watch in awe as HIS plan for them unfolded.

After months of praying, God swung the door wide open for the job, giving my brother-in-law a great place to shine at what he’s good at, while, at the same time, giving a local organization a top notch leader, who will add value to all they do in the community! Our family, as well as, theirs, were stunned at how God had answered our prayers to bring them closer to “home”. I am still overwhelmed with gratitude that we serve a God that cares about the intricate and intimate details of our lives.

There were many details God continued to orchestrate, to prepare them for the transition ahead, and this post couldn’t contain the many ways that HE was gracious and faithful through every detail. It was awesome to watch the Lord “manage the affairs of their life and direct them, as they trusted in Him and didn’t lean on their own logic.” (Prov. 3:5-6)

The Lord grew my own faith in this journey of praying with my sister and her family, and it challenged me to pray even more specific, God sized prayers. I believe God is able to do the impossible, and I couldn’t help but wonder how much we miss, simply because we fail to ask Him. He is looking for those who will trust Him and believe great things from Him. This is one way we honor Him for the great God that He is!

I am speechless when I consider the ways He loves me! Don’t get me wrong, the answers to my prayers aren’t always what I ask for. They are, however, always for my good.  I am grateful for the times that God chooses to bless us, beyond what we could ask, think, or even imagine! Sometimes, His goodness is revealed through an answer different than our request. Often times, His goodness is seen through a request granted, just as we asked.  This week, as I help my sister and her family move into their home, RIGHT HERE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD (yep, God made us neighbors!), I am rejoicing that this particular blessing was far better than I asked for!

One thought on “Better Than I Asked For

  1. Amen!!! God is good and has given us all a big blessing!! So glad to have all my girls closer. Can’t wait to come and play with all my wonderful grandkids. 😍

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