Watching For Road Signs

Do you remember taking the required tests to get your drivers license?  First, you take the written test (that you hopefully study for), making sure you know the signs on the street, the correct speed limits, and the rules of driving.  A year later, you take the driving test, where you drive with an instructor who critiques how you follow the driving laws.  Teenagers study, or should study, for this test, and they look forward to the reward that comes from passing, which is the license to drive.  From this moment on, we drive countless hours throughout our lifetimes.  Whether we are taking a long road trip or just driving to work each day, we must continually follow the signs of the road.  We follow the directions of the street signs to get to our desired destination, we follow the speed limit signs in order to avoid a ticket and a fine, and we obey other signs and signals for our safety, as well as, the safety of those around us. They are definite consequences, good and bad, based on whether or not we follow the appropriate signs on the roads.

The Bible says in Hebrews 12, “If those who ignored earthly warnings didn’t get away with it, what will happen to us if we turn our backs on heavenly warnings?”  God has given us His guide book.  We are called to study it and obey its content.  He has spelled out in His Word directions that will take us where we need to go, and He has also given us warnings that will protect us and those we love.  If you are like me, you can think of times when you were driving, rushing to get to your destination, and going a little faster than you should have been.  You pass a police car and quickly press your brake to slow your vehicle to a more appropriate speed.  Why do we do this?  Of course, it is because we want to avoid getting a fine and having to pay for our violation of the law.

If we will keep our spiritual eyes and hearts open, God also has warnings and clear directions for us to appropriate, as we travel through life everyday, but we must choose to respond appropriately.  The cost for disobeying God’s law is far greater than any monetary fine we would incur from a speeding ticket or traffic violation.  We are driving through life with the “Instructor” (God) watching our every move.   Just as the driving instructor riding with a student driver, God is watching how we appropriate the laws He has laid out for us. He doesn’t do this out of a mean spirit, but rather out of a deep love and desire for that which is best for us. The consequences for failure can be great, but the reward for obedience is freedom.  Freedom to live the abundant life He has created us to live.  Oh, and the destination is Heaven.  If we will follow His Word, we will not only end up in the “joy of our reward” but we will have abundant life along life’s journey. This doesn’t mean the journey will always be smooth or easy, but we will have His presence guiding us, comforting us, and strengthening us every mile!

So, as you consider your life and your pursuit toward greatness, how’s your driving lately?  I mean your spiritual driving.  What are the signs God is revealing to you today?  Is He telling you to slow down long enough to hear His clear direction, because you are moving too fast on a given route?  Is He flashing you a bright yellow “Yield” sign, because you are driving too close to unsafe territory in a certain area of your life?  Maybe He is attempting to wave a warning flag at you, because you are dangerously traveling down a road toward making a decision that He knows isn’t best for you.  Whatever it is, take the time to “brake”, receive His word, and follow His direction.  The destination promised will be sweet, and the journey itself will be full of joy!

One thought on “Watching For Road Signs

  1. Love reading your blog. Amazing writing and message. For me it is guard your heart, keep it fixed on God, because where your heart is there is where you will find your treasure! I’m sending my treasures ahead instead of accumulating treasures here where in an instant it can and will eventually be gone. Love you!!


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