Checking the Parameters of Your Fence

Have you ever been to the zoo and watched a lion up close?  I can remember taking our children to the zoo and actually having a day when the lions were active, rather than sleeping and looking harmless and lazy.  The lion we saw, on this particular visit, was pacing back and forth in front of the glass, as if he were looking for a way to get to the gazing people on the other side.  Every few steps he would growl or roar, in an attempt to be intimidating, which I must say, was working for me.  I wanted to keep my distance from the glass, even with the knowledge that he couldn’t get through. I wanted to be on the outskirts of the crowd. I did the math and figured I didn’t have to outrun the vicious cat. I just needed a head start, to give me time to grab my kids and outrun everyone else, should the fierce, hungry beast find a weak spot in that clear barricade.

Even at the thought of this “safe” encounter with the king of the forest, I can’t help but think of the verse in I Peter 5:8, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary, the devil, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” This verse warns us that our adversary, the devil, is like this roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  Just as the lion at the zoo kept pacing, looking for the slightest chance to get through to what he saw as a great meal, so Satan is stealthily moving back and forth along the parameters of our life, just waiting for the slightest opening that would enable him to attack.  Oh, he doesn’t need a big opening.  The large lion at the zoo that was eyeing us, as he licked his chops, wouldn’t have needed a large crack in the glass to get through.  It would have only taken a small point of weakness in the window, and he could have used his gigantic paws to pounce through to his appetizing audience on the other side.  It is the same way in our lives, as it relates to our Adversary.  The slightest vulnerability would do, because it is there, in that unguarded weakness, that he would focus all his energy, until the weak spot became an all-out opening for his attack.

Cracks in the fences of our lives can come in all kinds of areas.  They can be that one television show that we know isn’t honoring to God, but we say “it isn’t that bad or at least it’s not…”  Perhaps it is a relationship that we are sensing God’s “red flags” in, yet we aren’t heeding his warnings.  For some of us, it may be a root of bitterness, that we are refusing to address, as we keep telling ourselves it will just go away with time.  Whatever it may be, if it goes unattended, it will become a point of access for the adversary, and once he is inside your fence, he wreaks havoc on every area of your life.

What about you?  Have you checked the parameters of your life’s fence lately?  Are you making daily inspections to find the weak spots, because your Adversary certainly is.  Don’t let him find a break in your fence.  You must take the time to do the necessary daily inspection.  Go over your heart and mind, using the Word of God as your “fence mender”, and attend to any areas that need to be restored.  I believe this is what it means when it says for us to “be sober, be vigilant”.  We have a responsibility to keep the fences strong in our life in order to stay protected from the one seeking to devour us, and to protect all that God has entrusted to us.

May the Lord show us today any areas in our lives that are unguarded.  May he reveal the places that need our attention or surrender, and give us the ability to do whatever necessary to fix the “gap”.  May we be encouraged in knowing that we are not protecting our lives alone, but if we will just take the time each day to meet with Christ, it is during that time that he will reveal where we are weak and how HE can be strong for us.

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