We’re Being Pursued

As we’re chasing greatness, what is one of the driving forces of this pursuit? What keeps me seeking, yearning for more, pressing harder toward God’s greatness, and reaching deeper for the greatness He has called me to walk in? There is confidence that our search will not turn up empty. Isaiah 45:19 assures us that God does not call us to fruitless service, nor does He tell us to seek Him for nothing. We have assurance that there is a treasure that can, and will, be found, if we are faithful in our pursuit. There is something more, though. There’s something that makes the pursuit even sweeter.

James 4:8 is one of the sweetest verses in the Bible to me. It says, “Come close to God and He will come close to you…” Let that sink in for a minute! My husband likes to put it this way, “When we take a step toward God, He takes a quantum leap toward us!” The Bible also says that He came to “seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10). That’s us! He came, seeking us, with the intention and foreordained plan to save us. This means His whole purpose in coming was to pursue us, to redeem us, and restore us into right fellowship with Himself. Again, just marinate in that! The God of the universe is pursuing YOU!

You  might find it entertaining or warming to watch a movie, depicting the man pursuing the woman he loves, never giving up on the desire he has for her. You may even be in a marriage where you’re blessed by someone who pursues you with deep love and passion. Maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum, however, and you’ve never experienced this or you’ve experienced the total opposite and been deeply hurt by those who were suppose to love and cherish you. No matter where you are today, I want to encourage you with this reality that comforts my heart and fuels my pursuit. God is pursuing you, not because He has to, but because He desires intimate fellowship with you. God loves you!

You might be pushing back on this, because of the pain others have caused you. Maybe you’re wanting more proof, because life seems to have been too hard for you to conclude that God loves you. Romans 5:8 says, “God shows and clearly proves His own love for us by the fact that, while we were still sinners (living our own way, with no regard for Him), Christ died for us.” His love for you is undeniable! I pray that today you will be filled with joy, knowing that, whether you’re pursuing Him or not, He is pursuing you, with a ferocious love, and if you take steps toward Him, He will take quantum leaps toward you! This pursuit is worth it, and it should compel us to know that the treasure we are ultimately seeking in Christ, is pursuing us, as well.

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