Responding Out Of Whose We Are

“…you’ll realize that I am God when I respond to you out of who I am, not by what I feel about the evil lives you’ve lived…
Ezekiel 20:44

This verse in Ezekiel stirred deep gratitude in my spirit.  Were it not for God responding out of who He is, we would all be wiped out.  I am grateful that He doesn’t respond to me based on how He feels about my sin.  You see, no matter how “big or little” of a sin we might think it is, He hates it all. Aren’t you glad that He responds to us out of who He is and not by how He feels about our sin?

Along with this deep gratitude, also came an incredible challenge.  This verse raised a question in my own life that demanded an answer.  The question is, as a child of God, do I respond out of the reality of Whose I am, or do I react based on how I feel.  For a woman, who can have a wide range of emotions and feelings in any given day, this can be tough.  I had to ask myself, do I respond out of frustration, stress, anger, or even fatigue? I must die to myself in order for Christ to live and respond through me.  This is the only way that I can respond out of who, or should I say whose, I am.

You may be asking, why is it such a big deal.  I mean I am grateful that God doesn’t respond to me based on how He feels, but why is it so important if I do that?  I am glad you asked.  This phrase in Ezekiel is actually stated several times throughout chapter twenty.  The first few times, it says His response was such “so that He might be honored”.  Then, verse forty-four says, “you’ll realize that I am God” by my response.  It is significant, because it reveals to us who He is.  Through our obedience of responding like Him in all things, we are able to see His greatness in our own lives, bring honor to Him, and reveal to those around us that He is God.

I sure want people to be able to peer into my life on any given day and see that He is God and He is worthy of honor!  I am growing in this area, especially where it matters most, in my home. Haven’t you been there, where you’re exhausted or spinning one too many plates of responsibilities, and find yourself responding harshly to the ones you love most? I know I sure have! I pray we will be vigilant in our choices, moment by moment, and pursue greatness by responding out of who He is in us and not how we may be feeling.

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