Hot Pursuit

To pursue is to chase after something. According to Webster’s dictionary, it is an activity that one engages in. It’s trying to catch something or someone for usually a long distance or time. What comes to your mind when you hear the word pursuit? I picture my dog chasing a cat, or the cat tracking a chipmunk. In those moments, both of the animals in pursuit act as if there is nothing else going on around them. My dog can be sleeping soundly or totally engrossed in something indoors, but at the mere mention of the word “Simba”, she immediately starts barking and running toward the closest window or door, and nothing will deter her, until she is confident that she has either caught the cat (which has never been done) or she feels like she has victoriously chased it away.  In both of these scenarios, the pursuer catches a scent or a glimpse of their “treasure” (or prey), and they go hard after it.

As I was chewing on this word, pursuit, it stirred my heart to evaluate my own life, not just the things I am pursuing, but the intensity of my pursuit. One thing I know about all of us is that we can get quite comfortable in every area of our life and, although we may be on the right path, we can become lethargic in our pursuit of what we really want. Our pursuits and the vigor in which we are following after them is an issue worthy of keen consideration.

If you’re visiting this blog, it’s my hopes that, although we may be pursuing a few different things, we share one major underlying passion. This passion trumps all else and has a vast impact on everything else we chase after. It’s the pursuit of greatness. Not the  greatness that is simply associated with financial gain or notoriety, but more with Who we are pursuing and, as a result, who we are becoming.

I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good and blessed are those that trust in Him. (Psalm 34:8) I’ve gotten enough glimpses to know the pursuit is worth it, so I am willing to seek the Lord Jesus and His presence diligently, passionately exploring and learning more of His greatness and the impact that has on who I am. I want to be intentional about stepping up and into the person He has created me to be, walking in the greatness He has called me to. This one pursuit affects everything else I am chasing after, in my home, my relationships, my job, and even in my health.

It is my desire to invite, inspire, and empower others in this dynamic pursuit. This blog will serve as an overflow of the treasures I am finding, the hurdles I am facing and overcoming, and the lessons I am learning in my journey. I pray that you will come alongside me in this pursuit, not just as a follower of my blog, but as one who wants to desire to join me in the pursuit. If you stumbled onto this site and aren’t quite sure about what you’re reading, I pray you will continue to follow and that God will use this to give you that glimpse into all that He has for you. No matter where you are in the journey today, I pray that we will encourage, empower, and glean from each other in this vital and exciting pursuit of all the greatness He has called us to.

Chasing Greatness,
Isaiah 62:3

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